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Welcome to the Season of Change

I'm Spring, and I am running for Colorado House District 48 because it is time to be the change in Colorado. 

There are so many problems being overlooked.  It is time to find someone to come in with a fresh perspective and help create resolutions to the issues we face.      Thank you for joining me on this adventure as we work to create a Colorado we are all proud to call home.  


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The History of Spring

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  • 5th Generation Weld County/Colorado Native

    • Raised on a family farm until the bad years caught up to us in 1998.

  • Graduate of Fort Lupton High School 1995

  • Graduate of Colorado State University 2000

    • Earned a BA in Political Science with a minor in US History

  • ​Studied and worked to become a United Methodist minister from 2002 to 2008

    • Earned a MA in Divinity from Iliff School of Theology in 2007

    • Commissioned as Elder in June 2007 and posted in Fleming, CO, until 2008

  • Worked as a Substitute Teacher for Valley High School from Sept 2009 to March 2020​

  • From March 2020 to August 2021, I assisted my niece in her Pandemic Virtual Education

  • Currently, I am...

    • A writer working on publishing her first novel

    • An Artist who manages her own small online business to sell her work

    • Part of the Sandwich generation, continuing to take care of my parents and helping to raise my niece 

    • Running for the Colorado State House to represent all the challenges faced by the new definitions of families.  

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Together We Must Work Towards

  • We must have representatives who do not isolate themselves in their tribalistic ideologies but seek to find a compromise with all members of government to serve the greater good of Colorado.

  • We must maintain rights given to individuals by the Constitution of The United States and Colorado.

  • We must seek ways to protect and care for all individuals from the cradle through the grave.

  • We must give equal access to Health Care.

  • We must support those who need support

    • Physically

    • Mentally

    • Socially

  • We must give families the right to care for their children and their elders in a way they believe is proper for them. 

  • We must give every child the right to an education to guide them to be productive adults.

  • Support families in their introductions to education for early learners.

  • Support Teachers and Students as they navigate Primary and Secondary Education.

  • Support Students as they continue their higher education, whether in Community College, Industrial/Vocational Education, or College/Post Graduate Education. 

  • We must protect our thriving industries while also innovating towards a more sustainable future. 

  • We must give everyone the right to a fair living wage.

  • We must protect our environment from our overuse.

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